Rapid Energy Modeling

About 150 billion square feet of existing buildings (roughly half of the entire building stock in the United States) will need to be renovated over the next 30 years.

Shortcut to Estimating Actual Energy Use

Retrofits of existing buildings represent a huge, growing market and an opportunity to achieve some of the most sizable and cost-effective carbon reductions in any sector of the economy. More and more “zero energy” and “carbon neutral” buildings are being conceived every day by combining energy efficiency measures with renewable energy technologies. However, for all the progress, the building industry continues to face major technical and cost challenges in identifying the highest potential candidates for retrofit.

An energy retrofit project (often called retro-commissioning) typically consists of a number of stages that involve a large team of experts such as the senior energy analyst, commissioning agent, the building owner, facilities manager, the landlord, a utilities representative, a MEP design engineer and other contractors.

At Aikomus, we understand this is a tremendous opportunity for you to emerge as a leader in terms of helping to improve the performance and sustainability of existing and new buildings. We offer a wide range of services to assist you in leveraging this opportunity. Our team of Architects and Engineers, who specialize in their respective domains and sustainability, can be part of your extended team. They can built and assemble the BIM models quickly from any available resource such as sketches, old drawings, photographs (Using Autodesk® ImageModeler™ and Project Photofly) laser scans, etc., You can further use these purpose built models within analysis and optimization tools to enable you to receive feedback about system design in real time, resulting in better performing systems throughout the building lifecycle.

Benefits of our BIM models for Rapid Energy Analysis

  • Energy bench-marking for testing the energy and cost savings of different design alternatives
  • Building audits to provide crucial perspectives on the unique operational details of a building

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