BIM for Visualization

Designer has a vision, an idea, that 3D visualizer has to translate into a graphics but challenge will be to get as close as possible to the architect's ideas and as close as possible to realistic image. But many times the result is far from architect’s point of view. Why?

In good old days, a traditional architectural illustration was an important service and was available for high quality artwork. It was difficult to find a good illustrator in that period. Also, architectural illustrations were hard to alter. They were found to be hard to alter. They were found to be inaccurate, although one could not blame the illustrator for the final output.

Today it is very common to see 3D based architectural illustration and artwork being prepared. As architectural firms move from traditional 2D-based computer-aided design (CAD) drafting workflows to creating building-information models, it is important to be able to effectively leverage the same data and hard work to produce advanced visualization. Today, most of the printed publications, recommend high quality 3D illustrations and renderings. 3D architectural rendering and illustration field has flourished into a fast growing industry. Architectural Rendering and Architectural Visualization is great marketing tool for Architects and Developers to be used for pre-construction properties.

Aikomus specializes in providing high quality animation outsourcing services to professional architects, realtors and developers. Our services include 3D architectural animation, real estate animation, walkthrough, architectural visualization and architectural rendering.

Our visual imagery team of Artists supported by our Architects and Engineers has years of experience in the successful completion of major projects involving 3D architectural animation and architectural rendering. They take the time to determine and fully understand each detail of the project and use this knowledge, along with their abundant technical and creative skills to create animation, renderings and 3D models that are truly works of art. Our focus is on providing clients with high quality accurate renderings and that too delivered on time. If you are a developer, architect or Realtor in need of a dynamic and persuasive marketing tool, we have a solution to fit your particular need.

Services Offered

  • Marketing 3D Walkthrough/Fly-through
  • Non-photorealistic (NPR)animations and stills
  • 3D MEP Visualization for assembly and fabrication
  • Realistic 4D schedule animation
  • Site Logistics during the various construction phases
  • Precast structural element assembly animations
  • “What-if” Analysis animations

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