BIM for Structure

BIM affords an outstanding opportunity for structural engineers in particular to take a leadership role as the rest of the building industry begins to adapt and adopt model-based tools to coordinate design intent, structural performance and execution and achieve quality design that yields high-performance buildings. - Phillip G. Bernstein

Although 2D and 3D modeling software has been used for decades to analyze and design structures, over the past few years a wave of new 3D modeling tools are allowing structural engineers and designers to create models for documentation and coordination as well. As a result, more and more structural engineering firms are embracing the Building Information Modeling (BIM) movement. In this new workflow, drafting and engineering tasks are no longer separate, but instead integrated and shared in the same file. Since BIM has such an impact on the way we design and document, structural firms need to determine how to incorporate it into their office. Many early adopters have been mandated by their clients to produce a BIM model; however, many structural engineering firms, both large and small, still crave and seek better technology. They are willing to spend the resources to develop and nurture the latest technology, be it for competitive advantage or to reduce the fear of feeling left behind.

Creating innovative and practical building engineering designs, our team ensures that every project meets and exceeds the expectations of clients and building users. Combining local market knowledge with technical expertise, our multidisciplinary approach to building modeling & design is informed by the client’s needs and business case to produce cost-effective, functional, inspiring solutions. We are known for our creative, sustainable and holistic design approach. From creation to completion and beyond, we help clients reach the optimum potential of every project.

We are into Structure Design, Detailing & Documentation along with providing the integrated BIM models coordinated with Architecture & MEP teams. We work in RCC (insitu & precast), Post Tensioning & Steel Structures for residential, commercial, industrial areas. We’re innovators, having pioneered advances including 4D monitoring of our construction progress. In our model, we place the elements in a sequence as it would be on site. Our integrated design models provide all the construction realities with minute level of details suitable for CNC fabrication & cutting. We model reinforcement in 3D showing the actual layers with accurate bends, lapping etc. The model will reflect all the junction details showing placement of fixtures. It will provide the exact material take off. We also mention the clearance zones for safety needs to ensure that no one is working in dangerous areas, by scheduling into the 4D program. But yes our model is simple enough so that that on site not familiar with the programming can walk around and use it daily.

Services Offered

  • Develop Schematic BIM model of Structural services for Steel, Concrete or any other structural material
  • Develop Structural BIM Model for various analysis software usages
  • Build Design Development level BIM model from Schematic drawings, sketches, schematic BIM/3D models for Structural Services
  • Enhance Design Development level BIM model to Construction Documentation level model and generate sheet(s) set for Structural Services
  • 2D rebar detailing and 3D rebar detailing
  • Implement “as-built” information in the existing BIM model to develop “as-built” BIM models
  • Modeling of structures related families/content
  • Producing schedules and BOQ with more information
  • 4D schedule of various activities highlighting the time duration taken to finish the construction, virtually even before the commencement of the construction

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