BIM for MEP Engineering

It has been estimated that MEP industry is one that will benefit most from usage of modern 3D software tools and BIM process. Features like automatic clash detection, bill of materials and automated calculations guarantee that MEP design can be done 50-70% faster with 3D tools than in traditional 2D. - Gavin Davids

Today’s demanding business environment is driving toward greater efficiency and integration in building industry supply chains. Owners are demanding better built buildings for less money in less time. Architects, engineers and contractors are under pressure to streamline their building design and delivery process and searching for ways to improve productivity, lower costs and deliver better quality products.

BIM for MEP is a design and documentation methodology characterized by the creation and use of coordinated, internally consistent computable information about a building’s MEP system in design and construction. This holistic approach unites not only the MEP disciplines but the whole design process with an integrated digital environment for design, documentation and analysis.

Typically, a building’s architectural and structural systems are defined well in advance of its MEP systems with only standard space allowances reserved for the latter. These reservations set the stage for inevitable conflicts between the area needed for those MEP systems and the overall cost of the building. In large, complex building designs such as hotels, high-rise apartment buildings or office complexes, squeezing the required MEP systems above the ceiling becomes particularly challenging. This modeling environment helps the MEP designer overcome the challenges of fitting the required components into tight spaces and then provides interference checking to detect collisions during the design process, which reduces the risk of construction cost overruns.

We at Aikomus, provide end to end MEP BIM services to our clients in India and overseas. Our MEP Engineers and BIM Specialists are committed hard to deliver our clients top class and high precision MEP services in a cost effective manner. We are capable of creating Equipment Models, HVAC Piping systems, Plumbing Models and electrical models. Our highly skilled team is capable of producing 2D Drawings as well as 3D Models. Our competency with the software’s help to make services tailored made, hence we work closely with our clients, understand their requirement and provide solution which suits them most.

Services Offered

  • Develop Schematic BIM model of MEPF services
  • Producing reports of various MEP Loads Calculations
  • Build Design Development level BIM model from Schematic drawings, sketches, schematic BIM/3D models for MEPF Services
  • Enhance Design Development level BIM model to Construction Documentation level model and generate sheet(s) set for MEPF Services
  • Implement “as-built” information in the existing BIM model to develop “as-built” BIM models
  • Modeling of MEP related families/content
  • Producing schedules and BOQ with more information

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