BIM for Manufactures

“Once a new technology rolls over you, if you're not part of the steamroller, you're part of the road.” Stewart brand

BIM is a developing technology; however, there is a lack of available manufacturer based content across the industry. Building Information Modeling is not all about just making a 3D structure of a building. The BIM Model should be full of information. Without information the building is just an envelope. Information is what gives it a life. This information is extracted from its content libraries or families. AEC professionals have two options when designing on a BIM platform; the use of generic content elements or the use of more detailed manufacturer based content elements, if they exist. Designers and constructors greatly prefer manufacturer based content as it leads to the most accurate representation of their design.

As the AEC professionals utilize true manufacturer content in their building model, precise information contained therein creates exact relevance in application. As a result, manufacturers offering quality BIM content can benefit from this exposure by securing more frequent and durable design specifications. Manufacturers that provide BIM content benefit by having their CAD files, product performance parameters, dimensional options, specification details, material properties, branding, links, environmental data, and other important specification information all ‘wrapped up’ in one easy to use 3d component. Designers/users can then easily ‘drop’ these branded components into their project instead of using generic components, automatically generate schedules and material take-offs, create photo-realistic renders, and design with the confidence that they are using accurate product information.

High quality, need-specific, and re-usable BIM content/families are a critical factor for successful BIM based projects and use of BIM downstream of design. But developing them introduces new challenges for design firms because of the cost and resources needed to develop objects. These challenges can also detract from the core focus of your organization, designing and delivering buildings.

Aikomus offers a wide range of content creation services with highly parametric BIM content that accurately represent the real world characteristics and specifications of their product lines. Allowing us to create your BIM content and have the opportunity to showcase your products within a building during the design phase and at the point of specification. Our BIM content creation team of Architects and Engineers has years of experience in the successful completion of major projects involving creating the manufacturer specific content.

Whether it may be just a look alike family or a highly parametric one, we are comfortable in matching customer needs. We have experience of making over 5000 families of Architecture and MEP for Industrial, Healthcare, Residential projects. Our competency with the software’s help to make services tailored made, hence we work closely with our clients, understand their requirement and provide solution which suits them most. Our focus is on providing clients with high quality accurate renderings and that too delivered on time.

Services Offered

  • Architectural & Structural content
  • Retail & Interiors content
  • MEP Engineering content
  • Manufacturer specific content
  • Medium Level Detail for Designers
  • High Level Detail for Fabricators & Contractors

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