BIM for Architecture

If architects do not take the leadership role on integrated practice, they will cede this turf to another entity. – Barbara Golter Heller

Building Information Modeling – BIM helps architects stay competitive in an increasingly complex business climate by giving them the ability to better predict the outcome of a building before it’s built. It enables the creation of more sustainable, accurate designs with fewer errors and less waste, which can result in higher profits and more satisfied clients. The process of designing a building, space or structure typically consists of several phases starting from programming to construction documentation. While the information and decisions made in one of these phases / stages forms the basis of the subsequent stages, design is seldom a linear process. Instead, one typically moves back and forth between the phases, allowing ideas from more detailed designs to influence and modify the overall design direction previously established.

Aikomus specializes in providing customized and high quality Architectural Building Information Modeling as per your requirements. Our team of Architects and Engineers can efficiently undertake all kind of BIM Projects involving simple, complex and extensive detailing along with construction documentation. Being architects with exposure and understanding of international specifications and standards our team can communicate with your team much seamlessly; thus making it easy to share the ideas and experts in transferring the imaginative ideas of our clients to reality. Our BIM services deal with all phases of your project including element of time. Our “Customer Centric” approach happens to be our key strength, which has helped us develop long term associations with our clients.

Services Offered

  • Develop Schematic BIM model from Napkin Sketches
  • Build Design Development level BIM model from Schematic drawings, sketches, schematic BIM/3D models
  • Enhance Design Development level BIM model to Construction Documentation level model and generate sheet(s) set
  • Implement “as-built” information in the existing BIM model to develop “as-built” BIM models
  • Modeling of Architecture/Interiors related families/content
  • Real-life high-end renderings for marketing collateral’s
  • “Virtual Reality” walkthrough(s) to demonstrate key aspects of the project or simulate the critical analysis such as people movement, phased construction etc.,

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