6D Facility Management

According to some estimates from the National Institute of Building Sciences and others, gathering comprehensive facility information on a typical building after occupancy without a tool like BIM can take six months or more and can cost between $25,000 and $40,000.

Building information modeling (BIM) has emerged as a revolutionary new technology in the building industry which as beginning to take the place of conventional drawings and the huge amount of correlated print and digitized documentation. It provides accurate, timely, and relevant information that is centralized, giving everyone access to the same data and greatly improving communication and collaboration for all stakeholders. There is a tremendous potential in handing this information off to strategic facility executives for quality building operations and maintenance.

Combining existing facility management data with BIM delivers all the necessary packets of information but adds visual and interactive capability as well. For instance, by integrating building data with HR data, organizations can reduce vacancy and ultimately achieve major reductions in real estate expenses. Similarly, information about building mechanical equipment stored in BIM models can be valuable in creating a database needed for ongoing preventive maintenance. Better information about existing conditions reduces the cost and complexity of building renovation and retrofit projects.

Some building design professionals are embedding data on life expectancy and replacement costs in BIM models, thereby helping an owner understand benefits of investing in materials and systems that may cost more initially but have a better payback over the life of the building. Ultimately, everyone wins in the long run.

Aikomus specializes in providing customized and high quality 6D or BIM for Facility Management services. Our team of FM professionals can efficiently undertake all kind of Projects involving simple, complex and wide range of connecting FM data sources. Our “Customer Centric” approach happens to be our key strength, which has helped us develop long term associations with our clients.

Services Offered

  • Develop “as-built” BIM models from existing Schematic drawings, sketches, schematic BIM/3D models
  • Implement “as-built” information in the existing BIM model to develop “as-built” BIM models
  • Modeling of FM related families/content
  • Insert and integrate the object data into the BIM objects from various FM data sources
  • Perform various FM related simulations and share the detailed results
  • Create, manage and host FM BIM models for clients online

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