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One of the largest challenges for the construction industry has always been the inability to identify constructability problems during the early phases of the project. While, Building information modeling (BIM) has emerged as a revolutionary new technology in the building industry which as beginning to take the place of conventional drawings and the huge amount of correlated print and digitized documentation. An increasing number of construction organizations are now turning towards BIM to combat these problems during the early phases of the project.

The wide range of possibilities of BIM allows the organizations to interlink design (3D), scheduling (4D) and cost (5D). Being interlinked, system/process ensures that a change to any of the three automatically updates the other two. As a result, decision makers and users can access the most current project information, helping to avoid potential mishaps. Additionally, the use of 5D modeling allows users to extract accurate estimates and analyze alternative construction sequences. 5D Modeling (QS & Estimation) would typically include Building Material Take Offs, Material Estimation of bills of materials and cost of construction.

Aikomus has partnered with Qonqests (http://qonqests.com) to offer a wide range of the customized and high quality 5D or BIM based Quantity Surveying, Estimation and Cost Management Services.

Aikomus Qonqests Partnership

Aikomus Qonqests Partnership

Our team of BIM specialized Architects and Engineers along with the Qonqests strong team of QS and Cost management professionals can efficiently undertake all kind of Projects involving simple or complex design for 5D modeling. Our “Customer Centric” approach happens to be our key strength, which has helped us develop long term associations with our clients.

Services Offered

  • Develop 5D BIM models from existing Schematic drawings, sketches for any project stage
  • Update and upgrade existing BIM models to meet the 5D BIM (QS & Estimation) requirements
  • Real-time reports for cost implications of design changes
  • Preparation of cost plan
  • BOQ for tendering & Packaging at procurement stage
  • Bill validation during construction
  • Implement “as-built” information in the existing BIM model to generate “as-built” bill of quantities

International Measurement Codes Compliance & Readiness

  • POMI
  • CSI
  • SMM7
  • CESMM3
  • BCIS
  • ARM3
  • IS-1200
  • Australian SMM
  • Highway Methods of Measurement
  • NRA

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