4D Construction Simulation

Typically, Visualization accounts for up to 80% of what people perceive; 4D BIM maximizes the power of visual communicating the construction schedule.

Time has always been an important factor of any construction project since the dawn of civilization. In early ninety’s Henry Laurence Gantt developed the first bars charts commonly referred to as gantt charts and in mid ninety’s CPM was introduced to the world. With the introduction and revolution of BIM – Building Information Modeling since early 2000, the next significant innovation in the evolution of construction scheduling has been 4D BIM. 4D BIM provides a visual 3D CAD design that is integrated with the CPM construction schedule; the 4th dimension of time is added to the model. The end result is a virtual construction simulation that can provide detailed insight that was never before possible.

BIM is expected to drive the construction industry towards a “Model Based” process and gradually move the industry away from a “2D Based” process. This “Model Based” process where buildings will be built virtually before they get built out in the field. Gant charts alone can be too detailed or complicated to effectively communicate to the project team in a reasonable amount of time. 4D BIM dramatically enhances the usefulness of Gantt charts by providing a quick visual picture of what is going to occur and when. Through the integration of BIM and construction scheduling, we now have the ability to apply the concept of 4D scheduling and visually communicate the project plan with relation to the timeline to the project team before the project is constructed.

Aikomus provides cutting edge construction scheduling capabilities that give our clients an effective technological advantage in monitoring project controls and construction management tool. Potential problems are identified early and corrective actions can be implemented so negative cost and schedule impacts can be minimized or eliminated. We are devoted to providing our clients with clear and concise understanding of the project plan as well as the schedule mechanics, and then we provide expert recommendations to keep projects on time and within budget. Whatever your project requires, we can fulfill all of your scheduling needs while maintaining strict industry standards and contractual specifications. Our Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling services include:

Services Offered

  • Shaded 3D construction schedule simulation walkthrough
  • “Realistic” 3D construction schedule simulation walkthrough/movie’s
  • Earned Value Analysis with “What-if Scenario’s”
  • Construction Schedule Analysis and Reporting
  • Schedule Monitoring & Construction Oversight
  • Construction Schedule Updating
  • Schedule Delay Analysis / Time Impact Analysis

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