Customized Programs

Not all businesses are created equal; therefore, one-size-fits-all training programs may be problematic as they often don't meet your unique needs of your organization.

Customized for your Organization

Each organization has unique processes that can’t be covered by off-the-shelf training. Your company, your employees, and your training needs are unique, so why would you use off-the-shelf content that doesn’t apply to your operations? Your people are your competitive advantage; it is important to provide them with training that gives them the tools they need to learn new tasks and improve job performance. Aikomus offers customized training/education programs, either made entirely from scratch or by editing our existing training programs. We deliver high-quality technical & professional education that benefit today’s workforces and the businesses and industries they serve.

Process Workflow:

  • First, we learn about your organization, employees, and specific issues to determine the objectives you need to achieve
  • Second, we work collaboratively with you and determine how to meet various objectives, for instance:
  • If training will meet the objectives, we work with you to design the necessary training content and the best delivery method
  • If some other intervention is needed, such as management mandate or HRD involvement. Our team of professionals will plan it with you
  • Third, we work with you to deliver the training or implement the other intervention
  • Fourth, we help you reinforce the achievements on the job and measure the return on your investment

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