Integrated Project Delivery

“Technological evolution coupled with owner demand for better, faster, less costly construction projects and more effective processes are driving change in the construction industry” Norman Strong, FAIA

IPD Implementation

Statistics show that construction is the only non-farm industry that has actually decreased in productivity since 1964. Slow to adopt new technology and mired in traditional delivery methods that are often inefficient, construction projects too often come in late and over budget. Clients are demanding improvement. In addition, the time to market has accelerated with shrinking time-lines and rising expectations for faster information, decision making and data processing. Tough competition, tighter time-lines and the need to stay profitable have forced companies to respond to changing economic conditions or perish.

Other factors driving the change to Integrated Project Delivery are international in scope and will increasingly affect local markets in the future. Diminishing natural resources and expanding world demand for many types of construction create a need for design solutions that are innovative, cost effective, environmentally friendly, secure and sustainable. Crafting and building these elaborate designs will require sophisticated building information modeling and input from a team of experts.

Autodesk IPD BIM Workflow

Autodesk IPD BIM Workflow

“There is no technical reason why we cannot produce integrated drawings. And there is no technical reason why we cannot build virtually before we build physically,” says Chuck Thomsen, FAIA, FCMAA. “The only thing that’s standing in the way is this traditional contracting structure where everybody has these independent bodies and liability and insurance and traditional risk management policies.”

To lead in delivering on time and on budget results for your owners, start implementing Integrated Project Delivery methodologies in your firm and on your projects immediately. Most importantly, set realistic expectations, establish timelines and make the commitment to meet them. It will take years to move completely to the new delivery process and that is why it is so important that you start now.

At Aikomus, we are committed to and understand the importance of IPD for the AECO industry. We offer a wide range of services to assist our customers to move towards the IPD methodologies and approach. Our tech savvy and strong domain background team of Architects and Engineers will ensure the transition is smooth and standby you throughout the “change”.

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