Building Information Modeling

Typically, improvement efforts fade because organizations do not apply fundamental change management principles.

BIM Implementation

Today, organizations in AECO industry face a barrage of external pressures, including more demanding customers, stronger competitors, and stringent regulations, who expect better and faster results. In response, they must develop the capacity to continually change and do so without disrupting their ongoing business operations.  This is easier said than done.

Aikomus BIM Implementation Flowchart

Aikomus BIM Implementation Flowchart

As per “Wikipedia”, Building information modeling – BIM is the process of generating and managing building data during its life cycle. BIM involves representing a design as objects – vague and undefined, generic or product-specific, solid shapes or void-space oriented (like the shape of a room), that carry their geometry, relations and attributes. BIM design tools allow for extracting different views from a building model for drawing production and other uses. These different views are automatically consistent – in the sense that the objects are all of a consistent size, location, specification – since each object instance is defined only once, just as in reality. Drawing consistency eliminates many errors. This method of management is more practical and efficient. It eliminates many of the uncertainties found during the construction phase since they can be found during the design phase of the project and fixed so they do not occur during the actual construction phase.

Typically, improvement efforts fade because organizations do not apply fundamental change management principles. They do not align their workforces with strategic priorities or ensure that workers understand the impact they have on the organization’s performance. Neither do they develop change plans that guide the workforce along the journey to the new way of working.

Aikomus can help. Our proven technology and process implementation approach enables organizations to identify the changes needed to achieve BIM implementation, prepare workforces for coming changes, manage the complex organizational and workforce transition to the desired end state. The team of Aikomus Professionals; actually are the professionals who have either gone through this change themselves or had been instrumental in helping the firms through this change in their prior roles. Now, these professionals want to strive hard and increase their spectrum to make firms who are going through this challenge of change to be successful.

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